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Inverter / Power Inverter

  • 230 Volts on board! -

Who wants to go on board without their laptop these days? Installing a microwave on board not only makes cooking at sea a pleasure, but also contributes significantly to onboard safety. Even if your yacht has a built-in generator, a power inverter with a suitable capacity can take over the short-term operation of these devices. Power inverters are divided into two groups: those with a pure sine wave and those with a modified sine wave:

  1. Modified sine wave: These are suitable for simple appliances and electronics that are not so sensitive, without microelectronics. Sensitive devices such as washing machines, dryers, DVD players, computers, or TV sets can be damaged by simplified "dirty" sine waves.

  2. Pure sine wave: Power inverters with "clean" sine waves are suitable for almost all devices. Devices with high starting current, such as pumps, refrigerators, compressors, etc., require 10-20 times higher inverter power than the nominal power specified on the devices.

What should I consider when installing my inverter?

During installation, it is important to ensure the use of cable cross-sections of appropriate size. Incorrect size can lead to overheating and short circuit. The 12V/24V connection cable to the inverter should be twisted together to avoid interference in the electrical system. For fixed installations, remote control operation is recommended, and for safety reasons, an automatic switching station should be installed on all devices without priority circuits. 

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