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Efoy Fuel cells

EFOY advantages

Your freedom. Your power. With EFOY fuel cell, you always have your own compact power generator with you and are completely independent of the power grid. EFOY charges all common 12 or 24 V battery types in a reliable, quiet, and environmentally friendly way. Whether you are in a motorhome, on a boat, or in a cabin or shed, you decide where EFOY is to be used.

Lots of power in a small space.

Weighing only about 6 kg (13.2 lbs) and 27.5 cm high, EFOY is a space miracle. Thanks to its compact design, EFOY can be installed anywhere to save space.

Power in all weather.

No more sweating in the sun. EFOY fuel cell always produces electricity, unlike solar panels or wind turbines, which means that even in bad weather or during long winter periods, you are always prepared. You can also combine solar energy with your EFOY fuel cell for more options.

Completely worry-free!

EFOY charges your battery completely automatically and requires no maintenance to do so. It turns on when the battery needs to be charged and turns off again when the battery is full, you just need to replace the fuel cartridge when it is empty.

For the sake of the environment.

EFOY generates environmentally friendly electricity. In a chemical process, in addition to electricity, only waste heat and water vapor with a small amount of CO2 are produced. Therefore, EFOY can be installed indoors without hesitation.

Fuel: EFOY fuel cells need our EFOY fuel cartridges to generate electricity. They contain high-purity methanol* and are a safety-tested system specially developed for EFOY fuel cells. EFOY fuel cartridges can be replaced in a few seconds.

Environmentally friendly power generator.

The EFOY fuel cell is the ideal power generator for your 12 V and 24 V battery. The integrated charging regulator monitors the permanent charging level of your superstructure/onboard battery and automatically recharges it when needed. It turns off again (standby mode) as soon as the battery is fully charged. This means that you always have full energy reserves and it protects your battery from harmful deep discharge by continuous charging. To power 230 V consumers, such as coffee makers or hair dryers, you also need an inverter.

EFOY power generation principle.

EFOY fuel cells are based on DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology. They convert chemical energy into electrical energy without intermediate steps and without major efficiency losses. The methanol in the fuel cartridge is supplemented with oxygen from the air and used to produce electricity. In addition to power, all this creates waste heat and water vapor with little carbon dioxide, making it efficient and exceptionally environmentally friendly.

Water recycling principle.

The stack is the power-generating core of the EFOY fuel cell. It consists of individual cells, each of which is set up to include a cathode and a membrane. As an electrolyte, the membrane separates the anode and cathode from each other. Positively charged electric particles, known as protons, can diffuse through the membrane. On the side of the anode, water and methanol are added, and on the side of the cathode, oxygen is taken from the surrounding air. In the reaction at the anode, H+ ions and free electrons are created, as well as the reaction product carbon dioxide (CO2). The protons can pass through the membrane. However, the electrons must travel to the cathode side via a connected electrical circuit during which they generate energy. At the cathode, H+ ions, oxygen from the air, and electrons are converted into water vapor.

Maximum energy in the smallest space

Efoy is lightweight and compact - it fits into the smallest spaces. Ideal installation locations in a motorhome could be places like the rear garage, side compartment, or under the bench seat. On a boat, you can install them in the cabinet or at the stern, but EFOY can also be easily stored under the seat or in side compartments in the interior.


The new generation of EFOY fuel cells.

How does fuel cell works?


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