10 reasons: Why you should buy an aluminum boat.

In recent years, aluminum boats have become an increasingly common choice when it comes to both work boats and leisure boats. We at Kampetorp Marin have summarized 10 reasons why you should invest in an aluminum boat. Read the full article at the bottom of the page.

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Why buy an aluminum boat?

Aluminum is an extremely strong material, which makes aluminum boats practically worry-free boats, with minimal maintenance and a long boating season for the owner. Especially in the Nordic countries with our rocky beaches, and sometimes shallow water, and also varying and demanding weather conditions, aluminum boats are the best option. This is the reason why aluminum boats are preferred by national authorities, the Swedish search and rescue service and the Swedish Institute of Marine Research.


Advantages of aluminum boats over fiberglass boats (GRP).

  • Longer shelf life

The hull of an aluminum boat is strong and durable. It depends on the aluminum alloy itself, the design and the production method. The most important thing when it comes to production is that all parts of the hull lock each other so that they can not move. How the boat is then welded is also important. Large welds generally add an unnecessary amount of heat, which is not good for the construction. In order for the boats to withstand great stresses and last as long as possible, the alloy must also be adapted to ship structures and be able to be exposed to salt water and large forces. Therefore, always ask what type of alloy the boat you are interested in has and how the welding is done. In our boats we use 5083 or better, ie. saltwater resistant aluminum. An aluminum boat is built to last despite great stress. You can expect fog 30-40 years. They mean that aluminum boats usually do not lose as much in value as, for example, plastic / GRP boats can.

  • Weight

Aluminum boats are 30% to 40% lighter than fiberglass boats and 45% to 55% lighter than steel boats. This weight saving offers many benefits, including lower fuel consumption, higher speeds and higher payloads. Less weight also makes it easier to transport and handle the boat ashore.

  • Maintenance

Many boat lovers like to fix with the boat. But many also want to reduce the maintenance of the boat if given the opportunity. Aluminum boats do not require as much maintenance as a regular leisure boat does. This means that aluminum is not affected by sunlight, which provides minimal maintenance with an aluminum boat.

  • Fire hazard

Aluminum does not burn. GRP boats contain petroleum-based resins that burn energetically. Fire protection resin makes them more difficult to "ignite", but still the combustion is energetic once it has started.

  • Easy to customize

Aluminum boats are easy to adapt to the customer's wishes. This makes it easier for us to adapt the aluminum boat to your special wishes. Aluminum boats are built and welded by hand, which simplifies product adaptation. See for example our new Seacore C6 where there are a lot of cabins, accessories and modifications.

  • Robust boat

Accidents happen to all boats, often the surface material or hull is damaged by dents or scratches when the accident is out. Aluminum is extremely strong, which makes aluminum boats robust and durable. Therefore, aluminum boats are used as both leisure boats and work boats due to their robust elegance. They are also important to use boats that have

  • Sun exposure

Aluminum is not affected by ultraviolet rays from the sun, which can damage the fiberglass boat's gelcoat, hull and underlying structure. This will make fiberglass boats fragile over time

  • An environmentalist

GRP material is extremely brittle and is therefore exposed to cracks and fractures in strong shocks, while aluminum has significant ductility, ie. the ability to withstand permanent deformation without cracking. This is because aluminum has low modulus of elasticity, it absorbs energy from shocks and prevents damage.

  • High resale value

Aluminum boats have a high resale value due to the fact that aluminum boats are easy to sell and that demand has increased in recent years. This makes aluminum boats a safe investment, where you do not have to worry about the boat losing value. The area of use for an aluminum boat is very wide, which means that both professionals and boat enthusiasts are interested in the product. It creates a large target group and you can feel confident that your boat can be used in most areas of use.

  • Great wow factor

The hype around aluminum boats has never been greater. Especially since the selection of aluminum boats has become both larger and wider with more and more different models. It can be said that aluminum boats are divided into several different segments. The cross over boats are more for leisure use. The fully welded boats also work well for heavier use and also attract professional users who have additional requirements for both functionality, durability and quality. See for example our new Seacore C10.


Maintenance tips and tricks for aluminum boats

The boat maintenance manual would be a perfect guide that comes with tips and tricks to make your aluminum boat shine and work perfectly.

We will share some of the most useful maintenance tips and tricks for aluminum boats that will make your boat brand new. Most people are confused when it comes to maintaining their boat, we help you make the best decisions.

Your aluminum boat is prone to corrosion, and no one would want to see their investment run out, which is why we give you the best solutions. So let's get started!

1) Dry your boat

One of the best solutions to prevent corrosion of your boat is to pat it completely dry. You can simply dry the boat with a towel and notice a significant difference as it would not catch corrosion quickly. This technology will be a lifesaver for your boat, try this method! It would also help if you kept these boats under the sun to stay dry all day when not in use.

2) Use an aluminum cleaner

Tips and tricks for maintaining aluminum boats also involve the use of aluminum cleaners. You can spray the boat with an aluminum cleaner that helps reduce and prevent rust and corrosion. You can invest in any aluminum cleaner that will help you keep your boat in perfect condition. These cleaners are ideal for providing an outstanding anti-corrosion experience that will change your boat. These little tips and tricks will help you notice a significant difference in your boat's overall performance.

3) Pour off any excess water

Precis som att torka din båt måste du också ta bort överflödigt vatten från båten eftersom det skulle orsaka rost och korrosion. För att dränera åtkomstvattnet måste du ta bort sanden för att ge en perfekt och torr upplevelse. Annars skulle sanden absorbera vatten och lämna båten våt.

4) Remove the carpets

Another boat maintenance manual includes removing the carpet floor from the boat because most boat owners use carpets. However, this is a significant disadvantage as it can seep into water and cause corrosion at the boat's base. We also know that a rug can absorb too much water; therefore, you need to remove the carpet for best results and a perfectly maintained boat.

5) Paint it!

Painting the hull of your boat also stops the corrosion process. Painting the base of the boat also helps the floor to get dirty. You can also use paint for repairs and fill scratches on the boat without hassle.

6) Remove the engine

Removing the engine from the boat after each use also helps reduce corrosion. You can also remove the engine to dry it and then put it back when you need to use it. Again, this will save your boat from rust and corrosion.

Frequently asked questions

How do I protect my aluminum boat?

There are various methods to prevent corrosion of aluminum boats. You can use other coatings that are compatible with aluminum for best results. You can also rinse the boat with salt water.

What is the life expectancy of an aluminum boat?

Aluminum boats are strong and durable and have the most significant lifespan of about 40 years. In addition, with proper maintenance, it can go a long way. The best part is that these boats are solid and durable with a little supervision, so never stop maintaining your boat and get the best experience.

How to remove rust from aluminum boats?

To remove rust from aluminum boats, follow these simple steps:

1) You can start by washing off the surface of the boat to get rid of any excess rust.

2) Now you need to clean the surface with an abrasive material, which helps to remove any rust that has stuck to the boat's surface.

3) Then you must use a buffer that helps to grind down any residue from the boat's surface.

4) Finally, you need to polish the surface, which helps to get maximum protection.

How to remove stains from aluminum boat?

You can easily remove stains from an aluminum boat with vinegar and water mixture. Just rub the stains with a towel soaked in vinegar and water, and the stains will disappear immediately.

Should I paint the bottom of my boat?

Yes, if you work on your boat for long hours, you need to paint the bottom surface to prevent the growth of bacteria and rust, which leads to corrosion. But painting the bottom would give you a perfect anti-fouling experience.

Are aluminum boats difficult to maintain?

Sometimes it is difficult to maintain aluminum boats because it can be frustrating to use anti-corrosion agents or antifouling agents. However, antifouling solutions are usually expensive, but they are the best solution for the maintenance of your boat.

How many hours does a boat engine last?

The boat engine can easily last up to 1500 hours when running on petrol. But if the engine runs on diesel, it will last up to 5000 hours.


This brings us to the end of maintenance tips and tricks for aluminum boats. The best thing about maintaining an aluminum boat is that you can easily use these tips to have an anti-corrosion and antifouling experience. In addition, these small steps will take your boating experience to another level that will be free of rust.

We believe that these simple tips and tricks will help you get far with your boat. But maintaining your boat is extremely important because you can not invest in a new boat every time it is exposed to corrosion. So, what are you waiting for boat owners? Start your boat maintenance today so that you get excellent results tomorrow. In addition, this boat maintenance manual will prove to be the best guide for new boat owners or those who want a perfect maintenance experience. Good luck following this guide and you will notice immediate results!


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