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Work boat - for work at sea

We only buy boats in high quality aluminum for work, fishing and leisure. All our boats have undergone a thorough inspection and quality test to meet the requirements we set for the boats we sell!

We can now proudly present our own boat brand Seacore! We have been selling work boats for many years, but they rarely kept the standard we wanted or were not designed the way we wanted! With Seacore we change them and we can now build the boats as we and our customers want them! We have strived to make our work boats as versatile as possible to suit as many work areas as possible. Should they not fit, we are of course attentive when it comes to modification according to your specifications and your wishes and we produce the optimal boat for your specific needs.

The boats are unsinkable (filled with liquid media) and CE certified. We deliver all boats in Sweden and Norway directly to your door (shipping costs will be added). We of course help with the installation of equipment e.g. engines, chart plotter/sonar, trim loss, light, diesel heater, autopilot etc.


Work boat built according to the customer's needs

We at kampetorp marin believe in involving the customer throughout the entire process to create the best possible work boat that is tailored to the customer's wishes. We do this, among other things, through our quotation requests in combination with our sellers' recommendations. We often take the meetings on team or skype or phone as they are usually easier to get an idea of the need. This helps us to better understand the customer's needs and create a safe and secure boating business, where the customer feels seen and involved throughout the process.

When the design process is complete, we produce specifications and drawings on your work boat so that you can easily see what your new work boat will look like. If you wish, we can also bring you photos during the construction process so that you are also there. When the boats come to us, we start final assembly and we usually and you are then welcome to visit to check the boat and go through with us if you have other wishes about placement of eg instruments.


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